Monday, July 4, 2011

Tractor Mania

Tractor!  Tractor!  Tractor!

All this kid thinks about is tractors... and cars and trucks and motorcycles and four-wheelers... but mostly TRACTORS.  He does lots of new signs now, like please, thank you, train, yummy, bird, motorcycle (with sound effects), but his favorite one is tractor.  He signs tractor all day long.

The other day Liam was standing at the back door with Daddy pointing at the shed and signing tractor.  "Do you want to go out and look at the tractor, Liam?" asked Daddy. 

"Mmm!  Mmm!" grunted Liam, complete with violent head nods.

The boys got Mommy's permission to go outside and for a few minutes before dinner was ready.  "But NO TRACTOR RIDES for my sweet little baby!"

And then this happened:

*GASP*  Mommy!  I'm on a TRACTOR!!

Oh Daddy, I love you for your tractor!

One more spin around the yard, then time to put away the tractor.

Aaaand, that is why we can't do fun things.

Daddy would like to add:

The biggest treat of the weekend was yet to come.  On Saturday we all drove to Greencastle to see our friends Steve and Sarah Brannan who were in town from Florida.  They were having a cook-out at Sarah's family's house. 

Liam was getting a little stir crazy in the house, so he and Mommy went for a little walk.  After playing in the yard a little, they went over to the barn because the door was open.  When Liam saw what was inside his eyes got as big as saucers, his jaw dropped, he stood on his tippy toes, and he made a funny little noise.  There, inside the barn, looking back at him from the shadows, was a REAL TRACTOR AND A BULLDOZER!!  He was so excited he wet his pants (granted, this may have happened regardless of what was in the barn).

After this discovery, Mommy and Liam had to go and get Daddy to show him that tractors really do grow bigger than the one at home, and that they really do exist in the wild.  It was a very exciting day for the little guy.  We might have to take him to the fair this year so he can see all the different breeds of tractors.

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