Sunday, July 17, 2011

Owen County Fair

What did we say we wanted to do this weekend?  Go to Harry Potter, to the Figure 8 Derby, and to church?

Somehow, we only made it to one of those.  Saturday, Mommy went to the Farmers' Market for veggies, fresh peaches (they're ripe!), delicious sweet corn, and a lovely phlox.  In the afternoon we played at home for awhile,  ate dinner, then went to Flatwoods Park.  We were the only ones there, and it was lovely.  We all went down the slide, and we all swung on the monkey bars, and we all played on the swings.  Mommy loved being a kid again.  

We decided to skip the Figure 8 Derby on Saturday night.  There was a little confusion about whether or not the animals would be in the barns and if there would be tractors to look at.  Daddy thought Liam would like to see both of those things and didn't want to pay to see just the derby.  Besides, the derby would have been at 8pm, well past bedtime.

Because Daddy would be driving three hours to his hotel tonight, we decided to skip church and the two hours we would spend in the car to and from church.  Instead, Daddy weed-whipped (FINALLY!) during morning nap, we ate lunch, and then headed to LIAM'S FIRST COUNTY FAIR.

Time to sunscreen up!

It's almost like this kid likes tractors or something.

"Hey look, guys!  A TRACTOR!"

Don't worry Grandma J - it wasn't turned on.

Not too sure about this sheep, Daddy.

Two goats, butting heads.

This sheep was HUGE!

Mommy's favorite - a speckled goat.  What breed is it???

Because we got there so early in the day, no one was collecting parking or entrance fees.  Liam and Mommy might go again later in the week for lunch; our friend Penny is working at the Lions' Club food booth.  Then again, there is already a heat advisory for the rest of the week (Tuesday through Saturday), and today was already hot as heck.  Oppressively hot.  Painfully hot.  Sweating from the eyeballs hot.

What are some good cool weather activities for this week?


  1. Is the Owen County fair already over? Monroe County's starts this weekend. ;)

  2. Hi Robin J!

    Well, that fine publication, The Ellettsville Extra, says there are nightly events through this Saturday, July 23rd (Demolition Derby, baby!).