Monday, February 13, 2012

Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone

Daddy's gone this week.  AGAIN.  This week is going to be the longest he's been gone, as he flew out Sunday night and doesn't get home until Friday.  Today is Monday.  We've got a lot of time to fill.

And here is what we did today:

Put cereal up our noses.  Ok, actually only Liam did this.

Cleaned out the kitchen cupboards.  Don't YOU like cooking in an obstacle course?

Baked whole wheat pumpkin muffins and bread.  Which turned out really short because half of the batter was in the muffins.  Liam is getting much better at being an assistant though - he only put his hand in the batter twice!

Ok, this wasn't today - it was a week or two ago, but it was really really good.  It was a BLT with a fried egg (I die!), avocado, and chipotle mayo.  Oh, man was it ever good....


  1. Hey there. I've put Princess Bride on my list of movies to watch while I cook tomorrow, thanks!

    Have you thought about maybe going with Justin? I know he's been gone a lot lately, maybe you and Liam could go and do some sight seeing sometime. :) Have a good Valentine's Day.

    1. We have considered it, but it just sounds like more trouble than it's worth. :) We'd have to rent a second car for us, buy a second plane ticket (two tickets, after next month), keep some semblance of a routine in a cramped hotel room, and... well, I just don't have the emotional fortitude for that. Anyway, what is there to see in Baltimore?

      Although, their trip to San Diego over my birthday was tempting. But now I don't remember if they are still going...