Thursday, February 23, 2012

Climbing the Monkey Bars

Liam is sick this week.  Or rather, he has a snotty nose and is generally in a tired and crabby mood.  I put him in his crib this afternoon and he spent a good 20 minutes screaming and crying to be let out.  Ok, so I'm a sucker and let him out.

But only for a little while!

After his break from the pokey it was time to go back and try again.  Sometimes we get lucky and he lies right down.  Not so today.  More crying!  More screaming!  Oh, the humanity!  "Mother, life is so unfaaaaairrr!"

Meanwhile, I retreated down the hall to give him some time to settle down.

And then he settled down.  No more crying.  No more screaming.  "That was fast," I thought to myself.

But wait, what is that noise?  Breathing?  In the hallway?  Did he...?

And then a little head peeked around the corner.  He smiled a sheepish smile as if to say, "Heh.  Hey Mom.  Guess what I just did?"

Yup, our kid monkeyed his way out of his crib.

I took him back down the hall and put him in his bed.  He pointed at his book - I gave it to him.  He pointed at his water - I gave it to him.  He pointed at his babies, his tractor, his blankets - I gave all of these to him (all of which he threw out of his bed 10 minutes earlier, by the way), and he lay down and closed his eyes for a nap.

I shall never understand this child.

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