Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  Liam went to play school in the afternoon, had a V-Day party with his friends, and came home with a bag of Valentines Day cards and treats.

We looked at the cards again this morning before breakfast.  Liam sorted out and lined up the three Winnie-the-Pooh cards, then pointed out that they all had a Piglet on them.

Then he put a whole package of gummy bears in his mouth at once. It's ok! They were organic! That means they're HEALTHY, right?! No? Oh well. Daddy's not home, so we're going to do whatever we want.

Liam would like you to know he got a "beu monter tuck."

 "Hope you had a MONSTER of a day!"
Happy late Valentine's Day!  Now I'm going to go eat some chocolate as a replacement for my absent husband.  It's not really a fair trade, but we don't have any beef cakes in the house.

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