Monday, November 28, 2011

11 Days

Liam loves babies.  There is a little one that goes to our church.  All through Thanksgiving Eve service: "Beebee!  Beebee!  Beebee!"  *squirmsquirmsquirm*  "Beebee!  Beebee!  Beebee!"

As it turns out, Liam's little cousin is a baby!  Whom he loves.  When Cousin is not sucking on his face, that is...


Look Kid, this is how you play Star Trek.  You be Captain Kirk, and I'll be Spock.

Trick-or-Treating at Great-Memaw's house.

Obligatory messy food picture.

Liam got a new shelf.  He finds it very useful for storing his toys and books.  Can't you tell?

Three weekends of deer hunting, and no deer.  Except for this one in the backyard.  And all of the deer Mommy saw on the way to and from the cabin.  Garrr.

She can't complain too much though.  This is the view from the deer stand.  Also, she is reading Atlas Shrugged and can get through about a hundred pages in a weekend.  You know, between all the naps and chocolate bars.  Yeah, it's almost worth not seeing any deer.  Almost.

And when Papaw watches Liam at the cabin, she can come back to this at lunch time... And yes, that would be a sticker on Liam's head.

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