Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Day is It?

Today is Tuesday, right?  Ugh, this week is never going to end.

On Sunday we all went to Great-Memaw's house to make Thanksgiving noodles with Cousin Grayson, Aunt Lauren, and Uncle Nick.  Mamaw and Papaw were there too, and Liam spent the day playing with Mamaw's toy cars and tractors.

This is the third year we've made noodles, and each year seems to be faster - more streamlined, maybe - than the last.  However, Mommy forgot to put food coloring in three of the batches.  Shhh!  Don't tell Great-Memaw!

Yesterday was Monday - Daddy's birthday.  Happy birthday, Daddy!  We didn't get you a card or make you a cake!  And you had to fly to San Diego for work on your birthday!  Sorry your birthday was awful.

Papaw came and visited again yesterday afternoon while Mommy went to Indy with a couple friends.  Ah, sweet respite.

And today.  Today is Tuesday.  Liam went to daycare this afternoon, and Mommy ran some errands and did some work for an upcoming project.  He was in a good mood when she picked him up at 4:15 - he even fell asleep on the way home.  And then he woke up.  He woke up hungry and tired and angry.  Mommy was trying to make dinner while an inconsolable weeping baby was insisting on being held, fed Goldfish crackers, and crying for "Mon-ter!  Mon-ter!  Mon-ter!"  (The Sesame Street tape that has been on playing on repeat for the last two-weeks-feels-like-two-years.)  It is difficult to peel, cut, cook and mash sweet potatoes; boil noodles; and tenderize and fry a chicken breast while this is going on.  Unlike Wonder Woman, Mommy actually needs two hands to cook!

Kid finally went down for the night - probably passed out as soon as he was put in his crib - but not after being a pain all night and making Mommy seriously consider full-time daycare.  Or a straight-jacket.  Also, a muzzle.

Unrelatedly, Mommy and Daddy need to make a list of house rules.  For instance,

1) No throwing toys.
2) Toys must be put away before bedtime, and Liam must help.
3) No climbing onto the dining room table.
4) If you can't act like a human child, you can spend some time screaming your fool head off in your crib.
5) No drinking an entire bottle of cherry wine in one night - at least not while Daddy is gone and Mommy is responsible for the baby.
6) Wait, what?

And now Mommy is going to eat an entire chocolate bar and possibly eat the rest of that jar of Nutella she found hiding in the cupboard.  Because, see rule #5.

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