Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Item: One Nasty Bathroom

We started a new project.  Because we are masochists.  Also, it's time.  And we want to sell the house.  So we started demo on our master bath.

Behold... BEFORE:

Gorgeous, right?

Minus the shower surround.

This is why you don't put a WOOD FRAMED WINDOW in a shower, people!  Seriously.
Minus drywall.

Minus toilet.

Between the rotten wood, rusted screws, and unsealed PVC piping, the toilet just lifted off the floor.  How does that make you feel, Daddy?


Yeah, looks about right.

Minus vinyl flooring.  All that wood is rotten and will have to come out.

Yeah, like that!

After all that, Daddy took a break to spend some quality time with Liam.

And now, some new floor.

More pictures to come soon!  Ish?

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