Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Liam loves many things:

1) Tractors
2) Diggers
3) Everything with wheels
4) His babies
5) Mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, goldfish crackers

And now lately, READING.

The other morning Mommy came into the living room and found a little mess.  Liam had pulled all of the books off one shelf and was standing on the pile.  As Mommy walked in, he climbed down off the pile, picked up his Tractor Factory book, sat down and turned to the last page - the page with the pop-up tractor with wheels that turn.

Funny thing is, the tractor book had been on the next shelf up.

We also started listening to a cassette tape of Sesame Street songs last week.  (Cassette tape?  How OLD are we??)  When Mommy and Aunt Bethy were very little, Grandpa J recorded several Sesame Street albums onto a cassette tape, so we could listen to the songs in the car.  Liam and Mommy ran across it and began listening, and now Liam is in love...

One of the recorded albums is C is for Cookie, all songs with Cookie Monster.  Now Liam says "monster" - or "mon-ter" - in a funny little growly voice.  He sometimes signs "cookie" when the song comes on, and tries to sign the letter "C."  This week Cookie Monster is his cuddly friend of choice, even joining in with the reading binge.

By the way, Liam is 19 months old.  And he's starting the terrible twos.  His Muppet name could easily be Tantrum Monster.

Don't let this happy face fool you.

Question of the Day #1:  What were your kid's favorite books?

Question of the Day #2:  How did / do you deal with a tantrum?

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