Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Reformation! Also, All Hallow's Eve. Also, Halloween.

Halloween was this past weekend.  On Monday night Liam and Mommy met our dear friend Carrie for his very first trick-or-treating experience.  We met Carrie at her house and practiced.  He choked under pressure - he wouldn't knock on the door or say trick-or-treat or roar like the lion he was supposed to be.  Mommy wasn't really expecting too much - it's a lot for a little guy to remember!

Carrie gave him some candy anyway, and we let him eat a mini Twix bar.  He LOVED IT.  Also, he tried to eat the other candy bars through the wrappers and then screamed bloody murder when we took his bucket away to buckle him back in the car.  We have created a monster.

We went downtown to a lovely old neighborhood with painted lady houses, big droopy trees, and gobs and gobs of trick-or-treaters (like, lines that were 10 kids deep at each house - it was insanity).  Liam was... overwhelmed.  He made no noise for the next two hours, except to whimper when Mommy took him past a scary skeleton.  He got a fair little haul, though, considering he doesn't get to eat candy at home.

We ended the night at Penny's house, where he finally uttered his second sound of the night, when he saw Penny's cat in the door.  "Tee-tee!"  (Translation: "Kitty!")

Hey Carrie, wanna go again next year?


Last Saturday we went to a Halloween party at our friends' house.  Liam wore his lion constume.

Practicing his roar, and possibly scaring himself.

Mommy was a lion tamer.  She needs some practice.

Daddy didn't dress up - he went as himself.

"Hey, someone put some raw steak in here for me - I'm hungrrrrrry!"

"Mmmm... this will pair well with that gazelle I'm having for dinner."

We sent the little lion man home with Mamaw and Papaw, and there was Rock Band-ing late into the night.  Then at 7pm we took Daddy home for Matlock and prune juice.

PS, there are more costume pictures on Laura's blog: Happy Gatsbyween.

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