Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Early Baby Gets the Deer

We survived opening day of deer season... and so did all the deer.

Liam, Papaw and Mommy went to deer camp last weekend.  Daddy stayed home to relax (aka, play golf), since he had been on travel all week. 

We met Papaw at the cabin on Friday night, unpacked the truck, and ate dinner.  Papaw and Liam looked at tractor books while Mommy read her own book.  That night Mommy and Liam shared a bed, which meant Mommy didn't get a lot of sleep.  Liam wanted to play rather than sleep and took a long time settling down.  Then about 4:30am he woke up and decided to kick Mommy in the throat.  Repeatedly.  The quiet of the deer stand was a nice change from that.

Mommy heard about 5 gunshots first thing in the morning and then NOTHING the rest of the day, except for one deer grunt on top of the ridge.  She stayed out all day until 4pm.  Papaw told her when she went back in that he was getting worried he would have to go out looking for her.

While she was gone, Liam and Papaw had fun playing together.  They walked down the hill and played on the 4 wheeler, looked at that danged tractor book AGAIN, listed to Liam's Sesame Street tape ("MON-TER!"), swept the cabin, and killed wasps.  (There are wasps that hibernate in the cabin and they wake up to fly around drunkenly when the heater is turned on.)

We came back in time for Daddy's birthday lunch on Sunday.  We met our friends downtown at Le Petit Cafe.  Liam was pretty excited about there being other little boys there with us, and it was getting on towards naptime... that is to say, he was a handful.  Hopefully they let us come back again, because it is Mommy's favorite (affordable) restaurant here in town.

The rest of the week has been uneventful.  Daddy's been home, but left again today after lunch.  He'll be back tomorrow night, just in time to have a weekend to himself again, since Liam and Mommy are leaving tomorrow morning to go hunting again.  We'll be back on Saturday night... maybe Sunday morning.  (Someone tell Daddy, ok?)  And now, to clean the house (ha!), pack some warm clothes, and make a grocery list.

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